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Here at Portion Controller we focus on the healing and growth of each individual patient who have complex relationships with food.  Most of our patients rely on food consumption as an emotional outlet and have a long history of anxiety, depression, binge eating disorders.  We take pride in getting to the root of why the patient relays on food for comfort.  We monitor the patients very closely, up to a few days a week depending on the severity of each individuals relationship with food.
We allow patients to contact us 24/7.
We have a very high success rate in getting each patient to their goal weight because not only do we educate each patient on nutrition and physical exercise, we also focus on the individual’s overall wellness.  Some patients take months or years to get where they need  to be BUT in the end it has taken them a lifetime to get to the vaunerable and unhealthy state they are in when they first come to our center.
Over time each patient finally accepts their past and their complex relationship with food and finally becomes ready to change and lose the unwanted weight and in turn change their overall health.  
We are highly recommended by many patients primary care doctors to help their patients control their diabetes, binge eating disorders and self image issues.  

The Portion Controller weight loss belt along with our highly trained staff and support system will help you achieve the body, health, mind and spirit you were meant to have and embody.

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