Many people are looking for ways to find weight loss success that does not include dangerous diet drugs or expensive surgery. Finding a weight loss success that works without risking your health should involve a multi-pronged approach that includes healthy eating and regular exercise. There are many different methods used in conjunction with these two things to achieve quick and sustainable weight loss. Here is how to lose weight fast with some great advice about portion control.

You probably already know how to find weight loss success by cutting calories, exercising, and eating healthy foods in the right amounts. What you might not know is how to make these things work together for the best weight loss results. One of the most common mistakes among dieters is eating too many “bad fats” like those found in fatty meats, butter, and cheese. These fats are not only unhealthy but they are also full of calories that can lead to weight gain. By reducing the amount of fat you eat, you can also reduce your calorie intake without decreasing the amount of food you are eating.

There is a great way to make this combination work for you and your weight loss efforts. Meal-replacement bars and shakes offer you a convenient way to enjoy meals while at the same time helping you to control portion sizes.