Portion Controller specializes in healing and growth for clients. The program monitors clients closely to ensure that their goals are being met. Instead of focusing on the number of portions or calories consumed, the Portion Controller gets to the root cause of comfort eating and helps clients change their emotional relationship with food. The most effective part of the program is that it’s affordable, making it a great option for any budget.

The Portion Controller is an innovative piece of weight loss gear. It work instantly by applying gentle pressure to the area of the stomach that affects feeling full. This means that you won’t overeat. The weight loss belt is also not limited to people with small waist measurements, but it can be worn by men with larger waist measurements, including those of six-foot-plus. It can be removed at any time, which is a big plus. The Portion Controller belt works with any food, so it is essential to start with an empty stomach before wearing the belt. You can’t wear the belt.

-Portion Controller Inc